What to Expect


Things to think about before you arrive:

  • This is all common sense stuff but here’s a list of things to do or don’t do to help you have the best session possible:
  • Get a great night’s sleep – Bags under eyes can be edited but its more about your energy level during the session that’s really important
  • Drink lots of water in the days before. Water helps hydrate your skin and helps you glow.
  • If you’re tanning or having eyebrows plucked etc, don’t do anything in the week prior to your session. We need your skin looking awesome!
  • Think about your outfits for a few days. Txt us pictures if you want! Bring options & we’ll help you pick. Don’t do this last minute!
  • Practice smiling in front of a mirror! I promise you “Cheese” is not what you want!
  • If you have a preference for backdrop, please let us know so we can have it ready when you arrive.


Here’s what you can expect from your session:

  1. We’ll talk at the beginning to make sure we’re on the same page. No need to shoot for 15 minutes and have you say “That’s not what I wanted!”
  2. Feedback is good – keep me in the loop on how your feeling – but trust that maybe something I’m asking you to try might surprise you!
  3. We’ll shoot a lot. Don’t worry, you’re only paying for the pictures you choose in the end.
  4. Try laughing… seriously… or at least don’t bring your “Cheese” smile! Natural facial expressions are the BEST!
  5. Serious with a hint of squint also works for some!
  6. You can stand or sit. Let me know if one of those is more comfortable for you!
  7. I shoot tethered to a laptop so we’ll have immediate feedback as we’re shooting
  8. We’ll also take breaks and look at pictures as we’re going. Its the best way to find out what’s working!
  9. When we’re done, you get to look through everything and pick out your favorites – we only edit what you choose in the end!

After Your Shoot

Here’s the process to your final pictures:

  1. If you can’t finalize your choice in the studio, we have an online selection gallery option so you can pick at home
  2. Make sure we know if you want any permanent facial features like scars or moles removed – we’ll take care of non-permanant blemishes
  3. Standard Editing (see our gallery) is included in your package. High End, Magazine Quality editing is available for an additional fee.
  4. After we’ve finished your edits we’ll send you a download link and you can copy the files to your home computer. We always have a backup here!
  5. You’ll receive a full resolution version, any crops you asked for and a Web-ready version of each picture.
  6. We have high end printing and web design services available if you need any additional help with your marketing!

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